Im sure you’re aware of online “DIY” hair extensions, and “cut, colour and blow wave salons” who claim to know it all! Unfortunately resulting in Damaged hair and an unprofessional experience, consequently not getting the hair that you have always dreamed of..

 EYE of ENVY is NOT that.

 With 12 years experience in this industry, Hair Extensions and Hair braiding is what EYE of ENVY specialises in everyday.

Having completed years of exclusive training at many of Australia’s top known Hair Extension  salons has made me the highly qualified hair extension technician that I am today.

 At EYE of ENVY you will receive the upmost professional care and service. Only the safest techniques and the highest quality hair is used, thus making it undetectable to the eye. All of the MANY methods that are provided are Safe and pain free.

 Eye of Envy's custom hair is made to suit you as an individual and will blend in perfectly and flawlessly with your own hair, looking completely natural.

 Through a 100% personalised, non-rushed consultation, I will determine the correct method of application that is suitable for your hair and lifestyle.

 EYE of ENVY ensures that all hair used is genuine Virgin Russian hair and genuine Virgin South American hair that truly is sourced from its country of origin.

 What you read is what you get, this hair is NOT processed, chemically treated or covered in silicone in any way.

 All high quality wefts at EYE of ENVY are hand tied and custom made just for you. They are not machine made like your average weft.

 All hair used is FIRST CLASS and will NOT matt, knot, shed or tangle and will last you 2-5 years when left virgin and looked after correctly if you have had professionally coloured by your hairdresser. A great investment for long-term hair extension lovers.

 Not only do I specialise in hair extensions but I’m also a specialist in Hair Braiding, Cornrows and Dreadlocks.

 Ranging in single, multi or bright fashion colours, two-tone belayage and various lengths from 18" to 40" long. Be as creative as you want!


Enhance your hairstyle and mark your individuality at EYE of ENVY!