EYE of ENVY has very high standards in providing only first class hair extensions to every single eye of envy client and will only use 100% genuine virgin russian hair that is true to it's origin.

This is what make's Eye of envy different to 95% of other hair extension salons and technicians in AUSTRALIA as we will NOT use, Sell or install processed packet hair which come in the methods
-Tape hair
-Nano bead
-Prebonds/ Fusion/ Singles
(From a packet) 
Machine weft hair/ Micro weft
(from a packet).

we will NOT offer these methods to clients as we will not use the poor quality packet hair that comes in these methods as we EXCLUSIVELY use VIRGIN RUSSIAN HAIR ONLY.

We can offer you other advanced technique methods with
No tapes , No beads, No glues
 that is more suitable for virgin russian hair that is 100% safe and non damaging.

The " processed packet hair"
 methods of hair "claim" to be the highest qualities, advertised to you in quality grades of-

These quality grades are only
used for processed hair from CHINA
and is FALSE by FACT.
Virgin Russian Hair is and only ever will be the Highest
Quality in the world available for hair extensions.

Any hair extensions that come from a packet is chemically processed hair with very minimal to no cuticle.
This hair is false advertised as
"russian hair"
" 100% Remi russian hair"
" European hair"
" Brazillian hair"
"Peruvian hair"
" Human hair"

The truth is packet hair is not any of these ethnicities and really you are wearing low quality chemically processed hair extensions of Indian and Asian origin hence why Eye of envy is unique and exclusive as we adamantly will not deal with
low grade/ Processed hair extensions at all. 

EYE of ENVY has been dealing with virgin russian hair for nearly 12 years custom making unbeatable quality hand tied wefts by hand, only the highest quality natural virgin hair extensions that money can buy.
Our unbeatable hand tied wefts will last you 2-5 years that you can use over and over with no replacment.

You are probably wondering what is virgin russian hair?

At EYE of ENVY we use Real Virgin Russian hair from slavic russians.
- Not to be mistaken with other parts of the Russian Federation such as Moldavian, Georgian, Uzbekistanian, Armenian or even Chinese hair from Russia
( We will not use these ethnicities).

EYE of ENVY'S only uses Russian Slavic hair from Ukraine, Belarus and the colder parts of siberia from woman of these ethnicities ONLY. 
100% Virgin hair, Cut in a ponytail directly from the donor which then gets washed and shipped to me, Ready to be made into your custom hand tied wefts.

Because of its rarity to source being the highest quality hair world wide this hair is expensive but the quality does match the price.

At EYE of ENVY you will not be able to confuse our Virgin Russian Hair with any other hair that is on the market.
Once you have our Virgin Russian hair extensions in your hair you will never go back to the processed packet hair extensions that you have worn for so long.
EYE of ENVY'S quality speaks for itself.

EYE of ENVY uses double drawn virgin russian hair which gives you the best value as it involves a dual drawing technique which is done by hand not machine, Labour does add to this cost. The longer the hair the less is available therefore the more expensive it is.

Double drawn hair- Every single strand of hair in the ponytail bundle is the same length eg you want 24" hair so every piece of hair that is used to make your hand tied wefts is 24" giving you hair extensions with volume and thickness from top to ends.

Most other technicians use single drawn hair which makes it cheaper as the ponytail bundle will have many lengths in it.
eg you want 24" long, with single drawn Really you will have 24" mixed with short lengths of 18" and 20" which will make from the mid lengths down to the end of the hair thin.

Eye of Envy is all about natural looking hair extensions so we use double drawn ONLY.

Virgin Russian hair is baby fine in texture making it very soft and silky.
EYE of ENVY uses textures of straight and body wave.
What is the difference when selecting your hair?

We offer ONLY natural hair.
If the hair is straight it is naturally straight. If the hair is wavy, it is naturally wavy. Our hair doesn't come in curly textures because of the fact the hair is to fine to naturally hold a curl under it's own weight.
The longer the hair the looser the wave.
But GHD curling/ Tong works great and holds curls on our natural virgin russian hair really well.

When selecting texture for your custom order please choose what suits your hair being:
STRAIGHT- which is naturally straight with a slight wave.
BODY WAVE- which is naturally wavy but not curly.

Selecting your LENGTH:
EYE of ENVY has lengths as short as 16", Going all the way up to the RARE long lengths of 28".
when selecting your hair length always select 1 length up as it can always be cut to the length you want.


-16" double drawn
-18" double drawn
-20" double drawn
-22" double drawn
-24" double drawn
-26" double drawn
-28" double drawn

We do not offer refund, or exchange if you select the wrong length. 
Please call me if you are unsure before you place your order.

You are probably wondering what colours does EYE of ENVY'S hair come in?
Unlike processed hair that comes with a 33 colour chart which is coloured with carpet dye.

EYE of ENVY'S virgin russian hair comes naturally in 3 virgin colours.
This hair has never been coloured at all.

These 3 virgin colours are:

-Virgin Dark Brown
-Virgin Medium Brown
-Virgin Light Brown.

Virgin Blonde is rare and is subject to availability.
please go to our facebook page to keep up to date with what hair we have available.

Natural virgin colour tones are subject to variation, However since the hair is in it's natural virgin state this hair can be easily professionally coloured by your hairdresser to match your own colour or you can wear the hair virgin as it is.

This hair can be Tinted, Bleached or Foiled, But appropriate care must be made when colour treating, the same you would your own hair.

What is a hand tied weft?

You are probably use to machine wefts which is mechanically made and can be cut to size.
Our hand tied wefts are made hand crafted using EYE of ENVY'S EXCLUSIVE premium double drawn virgin russian hair.
Every cuticle is in tact and alligned correctly GUARANTEED.
Top quality long lasting wefts.

Unlike standard machine made wefts which are bulky and heavy not to mention the amount of shedding, EYE of ENVYS hand tied wefts are the opposite with ZERO shedding, No tangling, NO matting or knotting.
Our hand tied weft is small, Durable, Strong and Undetectable as it sit's flat on the scalp.
Unlike standard machine wefts that last 3 months, Our Custom Hand tied wefts will last you 2-5 years with every day wear.


when placing your hair order please have correct width and length measurements or call me if you are unsure.
Each Order is custom- Specifically made for you as an individual and because of that all sales are FINAL.


Hair orders must be paid prepaid before order can begin and will take 5-10 to make custom hand tied for you.

we do offer a PAYMENT PLAN OPTION however your hair order will take longer as Fully Paid customers have first priority.


******* PAYMENT PLAN OPTION *******